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Gassho Meditation

Written by: Bronwen Stiene

Calm and focus the mind.

This is a guided meditation which concentrates on the hands.

One of the five main elements of the system of Reiki is hands-on healing.

When practiced in conjunction with Mikao Usui’s teachings it represents the balance of the body, harmony, respect, and humility.

It creates unity within the body by bringing the left-and right-hand side together. All opposites become One.

This practise is very effective in calming you down, helping you to feel whole and as a bi-product supports your practise as a hands-on Reiki practitioner by strengthening the energy lines or meridians in the hands, arms and hara (Japanese energetic foundation).

How to Use these Downloads

You can now meditate anywhere: in the park, at the sea or in your favourite meditation nook! Be guided in the practice of classical Japanese Reiki meditations.

These quality downloadable meditations can be listened to via your computer’s speakers or open them in itunes and download onto your ipod.

They are in MP3 format ready for you to start learning and growing.

Anyone, whether you are a Reiki practitioner or not, can enjoy the benefits of these guided Reiki meditations. So, go ahead and try one and if you like it feel free to come back and work with all of them.

Length: 25:44 minutes

Format: MP3